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List of Suspected Degree Mills.

Some time ago, I presented an article concerning Fake Bible Degrees. Since then several people have inquired as to what institutes they should avoid. While the following is hardly an exhaustive list it does provide information concerning several popular institutes that have questionable standards and are regarded by leading authorities as degree mills.  I encourage you to do your own research.

This information was taken from an article that you can read here.

Brief list of suspected degree mills.

  • Christian Bible College
  • Clarksville School of Theology
  • Summit Theological University
  • The Theological University Of America
  • Vision Christian University
  • Logos Bible College

While there are some who consider these to be “valid” institutions of higher learning (usually faculty members or students who can’t get legitimate degrees elsewhere), I would caution anyone to really do their research before pursuing them.  If it looks too good to be true it probably is. If the legitimacy of an institution can only be argued for by faculty or students, more than likely, you have a degree mill.

The most common ways to identify a degree mill is by their academic standards.

  • If they offer a degree based on “life experience”
  • If they offer full class credit for reading a book or attending a function.
  • If they allow multiple credit for undergraduate work allowing it to substitute for graduate work without leveling courses.
  • If, in the past, they have had to relocate to another city, state or country in order to avoid legal requirements.
  • If a majority of the faculty have their advanced degrees from the same institution
  • If they just flat out sell you the degree after filling out a few forms.

If an institution fits one of these it may be cause for a red flag. If it fits 3 or 4 of these it would be wise to look somewhere else for your education. If it fits all of these you have yourself a degree mill.


If it is a quality education you are seeking there are links to several legitimate institutions in the menu marked EDUCATION.

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Nations University

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Heritage Christian University

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