A Ready Recollection

The Mind Numbing Ponderings Of A Pulpit Preacher


Liberal! Conservative! Legalist! Pharisee!  Change Agent! Hobby Rider! I’ve heard them all. In fact, I’ve been called them all.

I guess it’s human nature to try to categorize things and people. Unfortunately such classifications have little thought behind them.

I’ve been called a liberal because I use other versions besides the KJV in my studies. I’ve been called a Change Agent because I’ve used Power Point. I’ve been called a legalist because I enjoy worship songs that are older than I am. I’ve been called a hobby rider because of my insistence that we should teach the rudiments of music to improve our singing.  I’ve been called a Pharisee because my definition of a Christian is limited to those who have been added by God and not merely to those who behave a certain way.  What gives?

If I were to place a label on myself it would probably be fundamentalist.  Not the evangelical kind but the basic “God said it that settles it” kind. While I will lend a small amount of legitimacy to the use of labels, like so many things, their use has been abused.  It seems that if someone doesn’t hold to the same “tradition” ( NOTE: I said tradition not doctrine. doctrine is a different issue) we feel the need to label them.

In my experience I have rarely seen such labels used in a constructive way (there have been some but not many).  By constructive I mean the basic principle of “teaching the truth in love”.

I am not suggesting that there are no legitimate times when these labels can be used, what I am suggesting is that when such terms are applied you better know what you’re talking about.


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