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The Woman Caught in Adultery: A lesson on Gossip??????

TEXT: John 8:1-11

We know the story well. A woman is caught red handed and a mob drags her through town. They throw the woman down in the Lord’s presence and start hurling accusations. This was done to trap Jesus so they could accuse him as well. Christ reaction was remarkable. He demonstrated courage and wisdom. Such intestinal fortitude; His reaction defined the stuff that REAL MEN are made of. His reaction………..  silence.

Of course the mob kept pushing and pushing and pushing until the Lord felt the need to make three statements.

1.Let the person who has never sinned cast the first stone

2. (To the woman) Where are your accusers

3. (And finally) Neither do I accuse you, don’t do it again.

Talking about nipping it in the bud!  Imagine the divisive chaos that would have occurred if Christ had responded differently or worse, If he had joined in on the tirade of hate.

While the point of the story is power of forgiveness, a point “in the story” is a lesson on gossip.  Too often when people are approached with accusations ( be they true or not) their response is drastically different than that of Christ. Such responses lead to gossip, slander and hypocrisy. The result being destroyed reputations, ungodly divisions and ruined lives.

A good rule is this; when you hear rumors and accusations either react as if you never heard it or talk to those involved. Jesus did both and that settled the matter.

HE is a great example.


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