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Eat, Pray, Love

 Eat, Pray, Love, is a film that epitomizes feminist-backed solipsism, New Age Eastern mysticism, and the notion that women must unfetter themselves from the ‘enslavement of a boring husband. After leaving the man who loved her, the wife then takes a trip around the world. While embarking on this trip she holds her own, lust and desires in the highest esteem. And female critics, eager to live her adventure vicariously, praise her as a paragon of “female” bravery.

However, this woman victimized an innocent man who loved her. Not only that, she has no remorse, and celebrates the ungodly and hateful things she did to him by taking a trip around the world and taking multiple lovers.

“Fortunately” I missed Oprah’s two episodes “exalting” this woman’s actions. That being said her actions are “morally wrong”. Selfishness must be so deeply ingrained in some women that they can’t even admit there’s anything seriously wrong with what the main character did.

Morally speaking, the story is atrocious. The most offensive thing about the film is its morally repugnant message. Not long ago, I knew a couple, the wife in which saw this movie. She divorced her husband of over 20 years. Her husband contested the divorce and fought to save the marriage. In the process of the divorce she made numerous allegations against him which were all proven to be false. She then bragged about how she was planning a trip to Europe. Talk about life imitating fiction.

I have often wondered how many other “Christian” women have followed the example found in this film and left their husbands and dishonored their vows in such a selfish attempt to “find themselves”.


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