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World Religions; Hinduism

Upon doing studies in world religions, I am hesitant to expend large sums of money to gather materials concerning, what Christians would consider, false religions. However, since a knowledge of such religions is necessary in order to understand and eventually evangelize to those who follows such teachings I have decided to make available some material in PDF to those who may be interested. Click of the link below to download  Survey of Hinduism: Third Edition by KLAUS K. KLOSTERMAIER

Survey of Hinduism


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More Books

Below are some books concerning Revelation. I have posted them for informative purposes and do not necessarily endorse them. To download them, simply click on the title.

Before Jerusalem Fell

The Beast Of Revelation

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Here is a supplemental songbook that I put together. The only requirement for use is the purchase of a CCLI.

Download here

For information concerning CCLI click here

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Revelation: Seperating Fact From Fiction

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this study.  Sure I have taken classes, read commentaries and heard sermons concerning the book of Revelation, but nothing, and I mean nothing, prepared me for what I was doing.

Most of what I knew concerning the book of Revelation was bits and pieces of what I had picked up over the years.  Even glancing through the book I still had preconceived notions as to what it was about.  In fact, it wasn’t until I had reached chapter five that I realized the time had come for me to forget everything I thought I knew concerning the book.

The book is not at all what I expected.  Though symbolic in nature, its simplicity unfolded when I let go of preconceived ideas.

Revelation is a book of hope through despair.  It is a promise of Gods salvation and mercy.  It is a glimpse of His wrath and a picture of His love.  After I understood a few simple things the mystery unfolded.

Download E-Book here:  Revelation Separating Fact From Fiction

Jimmy R. Bagwell

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Artistic Song Leading

There are many things in life that we take for granted. Many things seem mundane and our lives are often caught up in the everyday occurrences of trivial matters. While, in some cases, this can be excused, it should never be this way when it comes to our worship toward God.

I often marvel at the approach people take in this arena we call worship. We have certain expectations of those who lead us, those who teach and preach and otherwise serve a capacity of leadership.  We expect the best and God deserves the best.

In the midst of all of this we have failed in certain areas.  Among those areas is the position of singing in public worship.  True, we understand the commands to sing and make melody in our hearts and we have an understanding that, as a whole, we are to engage in such.  But we have failed in the approach we take.  It seems as if the singing aspect of our worship has become nothing more than time filler between prayer and sermon instead of an active commitment to be engaged in.  In other words, it’s just a chore to endure till we get to the lesson.  In the words of Paul “God Forbid”!

What should we expect from our song service?  What does God require and how can we give it our best?  We expect our preachers to be trained.  We expect our Sunday school teachers to be good communicators, but when it comes to those who lead us in worshipful song we lax up.  Anything will do just so long as we “get through it”.

I recall the Bible story of how his disciples asked Jesus to demonstrate to them how they should pray.  It was as if to ask is there a right way and a wrong way to do it.  This was not a request that Jesus took lightly.  As we read the story we see how Christ walked them through it step by step.  He showed them how to give their best.  Should we be any different?  Of course not.

This book has been in the works for over 20 years.  Through many drafts and changes of format it has become a labor of love.  It is the intent of this book to equip those who would guide our hearts and lead our voices in song to be the best they can be. God demands nothing more and will accept nothing less.

Download E-Book here:   Artistic Song Leading

Because He Gave Me A Song,
Jimmy Bagwell

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