A Ready Recollection

The Mind Numbing Ponderings Of A Pulpit Preacher


Liberal! Conservative! Legalist! Pharisee!  Change Agent! Hobby Rider! I’ve heard them all. In fact, I’ve been called them all.

I guess it’s human nature to try to categorize things and people. Unfortunately such classifications have little thought behind them.

I’ve been called a liberal because I use other versions besides the KJV in my studies. I’ve been called a Change Agent because I’ve used Power Point. I’ve been called a legalist because I enjoy worship songs that are older than I am. I’ve been called a hobby rider because of my insistence that we should teach the rudiments of music to improve our singing.  I’ve been called a Pharisee because my definition of a Christian is limited to those who have been added by God and not merely to those who behave a certain way.  What gives?

If I were to place a label on myself it would probably be fundamentalist.  Not the evangelical kind but the basic “God said it that settles it” kind. While I will lend a small amount of legitimacy to the use of labels, like so many things, their use has been abused.  It seems that if someone doesn’t hold to the same “tradition” ( NOTE: I said tradition not doctrine. doctrine is a different issue) we feel the need to label them.

In my experience I have rarely seen such labels used in a constructive way (there have been some but not many).  By constructive I mean the basic principle of “teaching the truth in love”.

I am not suggesting that there are no legitimate times when these labels can be used, what I am suggesting is that when such terms are applied you better know what you’re talking about.


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Mind Numbing Ponderings

1.  It is discouraging to preach a sermon on the importance church attendance when those who need to hear it aren’t there.

2.  If all the people who left one congregation to go to another because they had a bigger youth group would have stayed we would have a bigger youth group too.

3.  It’s nerve racking to have to explain to the person on the phone the difference between a pastor and a preacher.

4. When praying, never use “Lord” as if he was a form of punctuation.

5.When it comes to gossip to err is human, to forgive is divine, but silence is golden.

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